Gory Games is an upcoming spin-off of the Horrible Histories show. It will be hosted by Come Dine With Me’s Dave Lamb and Rattus Rattus.

The series was first annouced on the Horrible Histories website on Feburary 18, 2011.

Annoucing PostEdit

Gear up for the Gory Games!Edit

Published: Friday February 18, 2011

Gory Games, a Horrible Histories game show, is coming soon to CBBC – and of course, it’ll be the grisliest contest since the cut-throat Celts played ball games with their enemies’ heads. Three horrible historians will take part in four rotten rounds to win a putrid prize – a hanged man’s tooth, perhaps, or a maggoty sea biscuit. There will be physical challenges, hilarious sketches, and questions posed by some of the best-loved characters from the Horrible Histories series. The programme will be presented by Come Dine With Me’s Dave Lamb and, of course, talking rat Rattus Rattus. Let the games commence!