Horrible Histories
Format Children's television series, sketch show
Developed by Dominic Brigstocke
Directed by Steve Connelly

Chloe Thomas

Starring Mathew Baynton

Simon Farnaby Martha Howe-Douglas Jim Howick Laurence Rickard Ben Willbond Sarah Hadland (series 1)

Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 2
No. of episodes 26 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Richard Bradley

Kim Shillinglaw

Producer(s) Caroline Norris
Running time 30 minutesll
Production company(s) Lion TV

Citrus Television

Original channel CBBC
Original run 16 April 2009 – Present
Related shows Horrible Histories (2001 TV series)
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Horrible Histories is an award winning British children's television series based on the Terry Deary book series of the same name. The first series was thirteen episodes long, and was broadcast from 16 April to 9 July 2009 on CBBC on BBC One. A second series, also of thirteen episodes, aired from 31 May 2010 to 27 of July 2010. A Christmas special was broadcast on 17 December 2010, and a third series is due for 2011. A spin-off game show entitled Gory Games is also planned.


In 2009 a live-action television series based on the books by Terry Deary was made by Lion Television and shown on BBC One and CBBC in the United Kingdom.[1] The production of the television series followed a relaunch of Deary's books, and Lisa Edwards, editorial director of Scholastic UK stated: "the TV show will be a great addition to the perennially popular Horrible Histories property."[2][3]

Before the series went on air, BBC executive producer Kim Shillinglaw said: "Horrible Histories will be stuffed full of blood, battles and black humour – and will also give children some of the great facts and narratives of history".[6] Lisa Edwards, the editorial director explained: "Following the hugely successful re-launch of the books this year, the TV show will be a great addition to the perennially popular Horrible Histories property." [7]

The first series of Horrible Histories was released on Region 2 DVD in the United Kingdom on 10 May 2010,[4] and on Region 4 DVD in Australia on 1 July 2010.[5]

The second series of Horrible Histories began airing on BBC 2 and CBBC on 31 May 2010 in co-production with Citrus Television, following post production by Platform Post Production, London.[6]

The CBBC sketch show Horrible Histories is to be remade for a prime-time BBC One slot with Stephen Fry as host. The new six-part series will feature a selection of the best clips from Series 1 and 2, and new segments featuring Fry, who will be replacing the puppet host Rattus Rattus. "Horrible Histories has been a hideously gruesome and gory success for CBBC and we are delighted to welcome it to BBC One," says Cassian Harrison, Commissioning Executive, History and Business, Science and Natural History. [8]

Mathew Baynton, actor and writer for the Horrible Histories TV show said: "There's definitely a Monty Python influence to it...however ridiculous things might seem, it's all based on fact."[9]


These are the eras and civilizations that feature in the TV series:

Series One's Episode 9 also included a Terrible Teachers themed sketch, which was a response to the previous Vicious Vikings Viking Helmet sketch.

Series two also includes:

  • Incredible Incas (with an orange background instead of yellow)
  • Awesome USA

There was also an internet reminder from Rattus Rattus (a talking rat that serves as the show's host) about the Horrible Histories 'Terrible Treasures' game at the end of each episode of Series 2: "Want to travel through the time sewers with me? Ha! Then play Horrible Histories 'Terrible Treasures'. Go to the CBBC website and click on Horrible Histories."


Each episode features 6-7 different eras/civilisations with 1-4 sketches from each. Sketches include "HHTV News/Sport","Twisted Fairytales", "Scary Stories", "Historical Hospital", and "Stupid Deaths"


Series 1 Born 2 Rule; Divorced Beheaded Died; Making A Mummy; The Tudors; Georgian Makeup; I'm A Knight; Caveman Love; Its Not True; Bring Out Your Dead; British Things; Brainy Greeks; Robert Knox

Series 2 Literally: The Viking Song; Charles II; Spartan High School Musical; WWII Girls; George IV; Blackbeard; Victorian Inventions; Hieroglyphics; The Cowboy Song; Boudicca; The Monks Song; Pachacuti.


These are the cast who have appeared in all or most of the episodes:

Other actors include:

With Special Guests:


Additional Voices:

More Details at


Series 1Edit

# Title Original air date
1 "Series 1, Episode 1" April 16, 2009 (2009-04-16)
Some Vikings have their hair washed, a soldier from the First World War struggles to cook with fake food and the four King Georges form a boyband.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Rotten Romans: Funeral Fights and Gladiator School Frightful First World War: Lice Wars and Ready Steady Feast: Ersatz Food Putrid Pirates: The Black Spot and Pirate Rules Savage Stone Age: Stone Age Tool Set and Chief's Funeral Vicious Vikings: Historical Hairdressers and Warrior: Viking vs. Monk Gorgeous Georgians: Twisted Fairytales: The Three Little Pigs (Georgian window tax), Georgian Elections and The 4 Georges (song)

2 "Series 1, Episode 2" April 23, 2009 (2009-04-23)
A Stuart family discover bananas, a whining Pharaoh invents the pyramid, and King Henry VIII meets his dead friends.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Measly Middle Ages: Shouty Man: Pee-sil Non Bio and Public Toilets Savage Stone Age: Historical Hospital and Caveman Art Show Woeful Second World War: Mary, the Carrier Pigeon and Prisoner of War Camp Slimy Stuarts: Stupid Deaths: Francis Bacon and My Stuart Family Awful Egyptians: King Pepi's Super Sticky, Anti-fly Honey Slave, the First Pyramid and Twisted Fairytales: The Princess and The Pea (killing off royal family members) Terrible Tudors: This Is Your Reign: King Henry VIII and Divorced, Beheaded and Died (song)

3 "Series 1, Episode 3" April 30, 2009 (2009-04-30)
A Roman emperor finds a nasty alternative to candles, an Egyptian tries to save money on mummification, and the Puritans and Royalists take part in Historical Wife Swap.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Wicked Witches: Witchfinder's Direct, Twisted Fairytales: The Frog Prince (witchcraft involving frogs) and The Middle Ages Witch Craft Show Vicious Vikings: Viking Beliefs, Eric and Asgot and Valhalla or Hell Potty Pioneers: Captain Scott and the South Pole Race Awful Egyptians: Making a Mummy (song), The History of Mummies and Shouty Man: All Purpose Ancient Egyptian Mummy Rotten Romans: Nero's Christian Candles and HHTV Sport: Lions vs. Christians Slimy Stuarts: HHTV News: Charles I's Execution and Historical Wife Swap: Puritans and Restorers

4 "Series 1, Episode 4" May 7, 2009 (2009-05-07)
The Tudors sing their family history, Bob explains the complete history of Rome in two minutes, and a mad Victorian gentleman eats King Louis XIV's mummified heart.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Smashing Saxons: Saxon EastEnders (Weregeld law) and Anglo-Saxon Ghost Hunt Vile Victorians: Ready Steady Feast: Dr William Buckland and Stupid Deaths: Matthew Webb Frightful First World War: TNT Hair Dye and Dodgy War Inventions No. 16: Zeppelin Airship Groovy Greeks: Historical Hospital and Alexander's Cities of Alexandria Rotten Romans: HHTV News: Bob Hale's Roman Report and Caligula's Crazy Speech Terrible Tudors: Liz's Nicknames, Oh Yea! Execution Special and We're Tudors (song)

5 "Series 1, Episode 5" May 14, 2009 (2009-05-14)
A priest makes a piano from live pigs, Emperor Caligula declares war on the sea, and we discover disgusting beauty tips from Ancient Egypt.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Awful Egyptians: Pharaoh Phashion and Mouse Fresh Max Ruthless Rulers: Louis XI and the Pig Piano (with special guest Simon Cowell) Measly Middle Ages: HHTV News: The Domesday Book and William the Conqueror's Funeral Rotten Romans: Caligula's attack on Poseidon Savage Stone Age: HHTV News: Bob Hale's Stone Age Report and Neanderthal Dinner Guests Smashing Saxons: Court of Historical Law and Twisted Fairytales: Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Saxon punishments) Gorgeous Georgians: Georgian Navy Recruitment Ad and Historical Hospital

6 "Series 1, Episode 6" May 21, 2009 (2009-05-21)
An evil Greek god appears on a daytime chat show,a soldier finds his lucky bible, and we meet some weird medieval monsters.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Measy Middle Ages: Flagellant Beliefs and The Made-Up Planet Vile Victorians: Victorian Claims Direct and Chimney Sweeps Gorgeous Georgians: Georgian Fashion (song) and Historical Wife Swap: Lords and Peasants Potty Pioneers: Stupid Deaths: Franz Reichelt Rotten Romans: Galley Safety Announcement and Dodgy War Inventions No. 7: The Onager Frightful First World War: Twisted Fairytales: The Old Woman Who Lived In The Shoe (urinating on boots) and Lucky Charms Groovy Greeks: Greek Myth Talk: The Story of Cronos

7 "Series 1, Episode 7" May 28, 2009 (2009-05-28)
Tudors see Elizabeth I looking ugly, Cinderella struggles with the Blitz, and Helen of Troy reveals her complicated love life.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Terrible Tudors: Oh Yea! Royal Special and Historical Hospital Groovy Greeks: The Story of Helen of Troy and The Wooden Horse Measly Middle Ages: I'm A Knight (song, 2 parts) and That Was Entertainment: Jousting on Ice Woeful Second World War: Twisted Fairytales: Cinderella (rationing clothes) and Gravy Stockings Awful Egyptians: Real Estate Pyramids and Meet the Gods Vile Victorians: A girl is told to wash herself and Parliament discusses the Thames Sewers problem

8 "Series 1, Episode 8" June 4, 2009 (2009-06-04)
The Saxons exchange disgusting Christmas presents, a caveman goes on a TV cookery show and we discover the bizarre causes of the First World War.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Vicious Vikings: Stupid Deaths: Edmund II and Valhalla Tours Savage Stone Age: Caveman Love (song, 2 parts) and Ready Steady Feast: Stone Age Special Rotten Romans: Trailer for The Battle of Avaricum and the Invention of Decimation Smashing Saxons: Historical Hairdressers and Presents of Poo Gorgeous Georgians: Georgian Food and Georgian Dentists Frightful First World War: The Cause of WWI and The Fighter Plane Measly Middle Ages: Confusing Wat Tyler and The Rules of Chivalry

9 "Series 1, Episode 9" June 11, 2009 (2009-06-11)
A Roman priest forgets a God, HHTV News reports live from the Great Plague and Thumbelina drowns in poo.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Terrible Tudors: Tudor Forecast and Twisted Fairytales: Thumbelina (dirty streets) Vile Victorians: Shouty Man: Victorian Child Chimney Cleaner and Strict Schools Rotten Romans: Roman Gods Direct and Appease the Gods Vicious Vikings: Viking Words and Hornless Helmets Terrible Teachers: It's Not True (song) Groovy Greeks: Historical Wife Swap: Athenians and Spartans Slimy Stuarts: HHTV News: The Great Plague, Ye Sun Plague Special and Ready Steady Feast: The Great Fire of London

10 "Series 1, Episode 10" June 18, 2009 (2009-06-18)
HHTV News reports live from the Battle of Thermopylae, Celt housewives find decorative uses for severed heads and we learn the revolting truth about Roman toilets.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Rotten Romans: Sponge on a Stick (2 parts) and Viper Deodorant Vile Victorians: Victorian Slang and Great Victorian Inventions: The Car Terrible Tudors: Ready Steady Feast: Rich and Poor and Historical Hairdressers Cut-Throat Celts: Severed Head Decorations and Warrior: Romans Vs. Celts Measly Middle Ages: Twisted Fairytales: The Pied Piper of Hamlin (plague spreading) and Bring Out You Dead (song) Ruthless Rulers: This Is Your Reign: Napoleon Bonaparte Groovy Greeks: Weapons Store and HHTV News: The Battle of Thermopylae

11 "Series 1, Episode 11" June 25, 2009 (2009-06-25)
HHTV news reports the British empire, a Viking warrior won't stop talking in rhyme, and the contestants try to become executioners on Axe Factor.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Terrible Tudors: Oh Yea! Royal Special and The Axe Factor Groovy Greeks: Stupid Deaths: Pausanius, The Court of Historical Law and Twisted Fairytales: Sleeping Beauty (disobeying the non-idleness law) Vile Victorians: HHTV News: Bob Hale's British Empire Report and British Things (song) Vicious Vikings: Viking Words and Viking Rhymes Slimy Stuarts: Bonfire Safety Tips with Guy Fawkes and HHTV News: Civil War Breakout Measly Middle Ages:Stupid Deaths: The Gory Middle Ages and Ready Steady Feast: Live from the Siege of Órleans

12 "Series 1, Episode 12" July 2, 2009 (2009-07-02)
A Victorian teacher is confused by her pupils' bizarre names, the Romans run out of animals to execute, and Aeschylus explains his gory death.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Smashing Saxons: Saxon Mealtime Charades and The Monk Art Show Vile Victorians: Children's Names and The Queen Victoria Workout Rotten Romans: Titus' Animal Absence and Execution Animals 'r' Us Measly Middle Ages: Twisted Fairytales: The Ugly Duckling (swan hunting) and The Earl of Warick's Dinner Party Groovy Greeks: Brainy Greeks (song, 2 parts), The First Play Ever and Stupid Deaths: Aeschylus Woeful Second World War: The Evacuees, Hitler Youth ad and Hitler Rumours

13 "Series 1, Episode 13" July 9, 2009 (2009-07-09)
A lazy aristocrat invents the sandwich, the Romans host their own revolting cookery show, and William Shakespeare is haunted by the ghost of King Richard III.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Rotten Romans: Roman Kitchen Nightmares and Communal Toilets Vile Victorians: Crimean Hospitals and Robert Knox (song) Awful Egyptians: This Is Your Reign: Cleopatra and Hatshepsut: The First Woman Pharaoh Terrible Tudors: Shakespeare's Globe: A History and Richard III's Reality Check Vicious Vikings: HHTV News: Bob Hale's Viking Report and Stupid Deaths: Sigurd The Mighty Gorgeous Georgians: Sandwich's Sandwiches and HHTV Sport: Lice Racing

Series 2Edit

14 "Series 2, Episode 1" May 31, 2010 (2010-05-31)
A prank-loving emperor hosts a dinner party on Roman Come Dine with Me, the Durham Home Guard injure themselves while learning first aid, and the Viking rock band paint the town red... literally.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Rotten Romans: Roman Come Dine With Me Terrible Tudors: Queen Victoria Painting and Historical Mastermind: Shakespeare Incredible Incas: Shouty Man: Incan Hole and Incan Shampee Advert Vile Victorians: Inventing Badminton, 2nd Baron Rothschild and Stupid Deaths: Bobby Leach Slimy Stuarts: Fawkes' 13 and Charles I's Deaf Punishments Woeful Second World War: British Home Guard discussion, Operation Defend Britain and Durham Home Guard accidents Vicious Vikings: Vikings Navigating and Viking invasion (song)

15 "Series 2, Episode 2" June 1, 2010 (2010-06-01)
A pirate captain regrets stealing a herd of seasick cows, a Georgian sportsman invents a whole new way of boxing, King Charles II raps about his party lifestyle, and the Georgian army goes to war against a bunch of naughty schoolboys.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Putrid Pirates: Basil Hood's Cow theft and Historical Hospital: Pirate Doctor Woeful Second World War: World War II Art Show and Child Package Mix-Up Groovy Greeks: Stupid Deaths: Heraclitus, Evil-Spirit-Prevention-Door-Frame-Jar and the Oracle's prediction of Aeschylus' Death Slimy Stuarts: Oliver Cromwell's Christmas Ban and Charles II (song) Awful Egyptians: Egyptian Social Network Gorgeous Georgians: HHTV Sport: Horrible Histories Boxing and Pupil Rebellions

16 "Series 2, Episode 3" June 2, 2010 (2010-06-02)
In Ancient Greece, it's time for Spartan High School Musical, a jester breaks bad news to Henry VIII using armpit raspberries, learn how to stay fit with the Caveman Workout, and Roman emperor Nero stars in a (not very) romantic movie.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Rotten Romans: I'm a Christian, Get Me Out of Here!, Love You to Death and Ave! Magazine: Spiculus Measly Middle Ages: Roadside Accident and Scary Stories: The Children of Woolpit Groovy Greeks: Late Schoolboy and Spartan School Musical (song) Terrible Tudors: Will Somers the Jester and Stupid Deaths: Tudor Entertainer Savage Stone Age: Hunting Trip Preparations and the Caveman Workout Awesome USA: Invention of the Telegraph and Cliff Whitelie: Wyatt Earp and Billy the Kid.

17 "Series 2, Episode 4" June 3, 2010 (2010-06-03)
Britain's greatest sailor, Admiral Nelson, turns out to be horribly seasick, two doctors from the Middle Ages argue over how to treat a patient, discover the many uses for an Incan llama, and the World War 2 Girls sing about Girl Power on the Home Front.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Gorgeous Georgians: Lord 'Seasick' Nelson and HHTV News: The Public Execution of Jack Sheppard Measly Middle Ages: Historical Hospital: Europe & Arab Argument and Stupid Deaths: Humphrey De Bohun Incredible Incas: Historical Shopping Channel: Inca Hour and Llama Farmer Ad Vile Victorians: Scary Stories: The Cabinet of Mystery, Con-Artist's Tapeworm Traps and Victorian Beer Groovy Greeks: HHTV Sport: Paris Vs. Achilles and Dodgy War Machines No. 14: Elephants Woeful Second World War: Boring Winston Churchill's D-Day Plan and World War 2 Girl Power (song)

18 "Series 2, Episode 5" June 4, 2010 (2010-06-04)
An Incan kid has the worst birthday ever, a Roman farmer meets a door-to-door poo salesman, and King George IV embarks on a solo musical career.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Putrid Pirates: Unusual Treasure and Historical Shopping Channel: Pirate Hour Incredible Incas: Live Like An Incan (song) and Incan Child's Birthday Awful Egyptians: Real Tomb Raider and Scary Stories: The Curse Of Tutankhamun Gorgeous Georgians: George IV's (not so) Bad News and George IV's Life (song) Measly Middle Ages: HHTV News: Bob Hale's Crusades Report and Crusader Crones Awesome USA: Agent Moses Rotten Romans: Door-to-door Poo Salesman and How to Behave at a Roman Dinner Party

19 "Series 2, Episode 6" June 8, 2010 (2010-06-08)
The Ug and Ugio families go head-to-head on Stone Age Family Fortunes, mad King George III's doctors are even madder than he is, and Emperor Elagabalus launches his pranktastic Roman lottery.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Gorgeous Georgians: George III's Mad Doctors and Ready Steady FEAST: George III's Beef Tree Rotten Romans: Elagabalus' Romo Lottery Millions and Emperor 'Scaredy Cat' Tiberius Smashing Saxons: Saxon Weather Forecast and Anglo Saxon Famine Beliefs Awesome USA: Stupid Deaths: Clement Vallandigham and Dodgy War Tactics No. 23: Battle of the Crater Putrid Pirates: Blackbeard (song) Savage Stone Age: Trepanadol and Stone Age Family Fortunes Vile Victorians: Cliff Whitelie: Florence Nightingale & Mary Seacole and School: Continual Repetition

20 "Series 2, Episode 7" June 15, 2010 (2010-06-15)
Joan of Arc gets a visit from a confused angel, a pirate captain tries to make his crew dress like ladies and Mrs Celt enjoys being a Roman on Historical Wife Swap.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Measly Middle Ages: Knight Fight Refusal Argument and Confused Joan of Arc Putrid Pirates: Ready Steady FEAST: Captain Ned Low and Pretty Clever Tricks Vile Victorians: Victoria Dragon's Den and Inventions Musical (song) Smashing Saxons: Words We Get from the Saxons, New Saxon Sign of the Cross and Engelbert, Edwin & Ergotism Slimy Stuarts: HHTV News: 1: Bob Hale's Civil War Report and 2: Marston Moor Dinner Ambush Cut-Throat Celts: Dodgy War Inventions No. 79: Stilts and Historical Wife Swap: Romans and Celts

21 "Series 2, Episode 8" June 22, 2010 (2010-06-22)
Some Vikings attack a monastery but can't remember why, Crimewatch BC tries to solve the murder of Julius Caesar... and prepare to be confused by the Egyptian hieroglyphics song.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Vicious Vikings: Viking War Paint and Monastery Attack Memory Loss Terrible Tudors: HHTV Sport: Tudor Football and Mugging Fines Awful Egyptians: Hieroglyphics Song (song) Woeful Second World War: Stalingrad Improvisation and Dodgy War Inventions No. 28: Dog Bombs Gorgeous Georgians: Shouty (Wo)Man: Georgian Fan Sign Language and Historical Fashion Fix: Macaroni clothing Slimy Stuarts: Stupid Deaths: Arthur Aston and Scary Stories: The Terror of Tedworth Rotten Romans: News of the Empire: Julius Caesar and Crimewatch BC

22 "Series 2, Episode 9" June 29, 2010 (2010-06-29)
The Stuarts are confused by the newly discovered drink tea, a Viking funeral ends in a massive fight, a child evacuated in the Blitz thinks farm animals are monsters, and some cowboys sing about life in the Wild West.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Slimy Stuarts: Tea Drinking and Historical Hospital Vicious Vikings: HHTV Sports: Viking Feud and Viking Chief Funeral Woeful Second World War: Bomb Shelters, Stupid Deaths: World War II Businessmen and The Farm Incredible Incas: Chasquis Messenger Service and HHTV News: Bob Hale's Incan Report Vile Victorians: School: NO WELSH ALLOWED! and Victorian EastEnders Awesome USA: New Multi-Purpose Bandana and Cowboy Song (song)

23 "Series 2, Episode 10" July 6, 2010 (2010-07-06)
A Celt is surprised by his armour, a new recruit regrets joining the Georgian Army, and Queen Cleopatra reveals her weird beauty secrets.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Measly Middle Ages: News at 1066 and Now Miserable volume 3 (with special guest Simon Cowell, a reference to the Pig Piano sketch of Series 1) Vile Victorians: Victorian EastEnders: Victorian Boy's birthday, Shouty Man: Victorian Maid and Scary Stories: The Freaks Cut-Throat Celts: Historical Fashion Fix: Celtic warrior and Queen Boudica (song) Slimy Stuarts: King Charles I's Wedding and Crazy Church Goings-On Gorgeous Georgians: HHTV Sport: Georgian Pinching Match and Georgian Army Recruit Awful Egyptians: Cleopatra's Beauty Regime and Historical Hospital: Dr. Isis

24 "Series 2, Episode 11" July 13, 2010 (2010-07-13)
Barmy Roman emperor Caligula fails to invade Britain so collects seashells instead, King Henry VIII plays tennis while Anne Boleyn is executed, and some naughty Saxon monks throw a funky party.

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Rotten Romans: Caligula and Mr. Hand (2 parts) and Roman Army Measly Middle Ages: The Plague Report, Scottish Invasion and My Big Fat (Medieval Scottish) Wedding Smashing Saxons: Saxon Monk Rebels (song) Awful Egyptians: Ready Steady FEAST: Peasant Food and Pyramid Weekly Awesome USA: Dodgy War Inventions No. 21: the Ironclad Ship and General Stonewall 'Narcoleptic' Jackson Groovy Greeks: Spartan School and Stupid Deaths: Draco Terrible Tudors: HHTV News: Bob Hale’s Catholic Report and Henry’s Tennis Execution

25 "Series 2, Episode 12" July 20, 2010 (2010-07-20)
Ug and Grunt show us how to paint like a caveman, some silly WW2 codebreakers forget their own code, and The King of France win Henry VII by Tripping him up

Eras/Civilisations and Sketches featured: Savage Stone Age: Historical Time Squad and Caveman Art Show Woeful Second World War: Codebreaking Mix-up and Agent Sophie's Gadgets Rotten Romans: Andabatae Troubles and Stupid Deaths: Diodorus Smashing Saxons: Bag-O-Swallow-Chick Stomach Stones, Saxon Helmet Company and Words we get from the Saxons Terrible Tudors: Horrible Histories World Wrestling and Mullions xp Incredible Incas: Very Rough Guides and the Pachacuti Song (song)

26 "Savage Songs Special" July 27, 2010 (2010-07-27)
A compilation of the songs from the second series, featuring Spartan High School Musical, the Viking Rock Band, punky Queen Boudica, Incan emperor Pachacuti, the posh rapping of Charles II, Blackbeard the Pirate, George IV going solo, the Victorian Inventions song, the Cowboy Song and the World War Two Girls. As a special bonus the show concludes with an 'encore' of the '4 Georges' song from the very first episode.
27 "Christmas Special" December 17, 2010 (2010-12-17)
Christmas is a time for good will, family and presents. However, in Horrible Histories it's a time for farting jesters from Henry II, christmas cards full of bacon and the Christmas dinner confiscated by Oliver Cromwell and William the Conqueror's soldiers believing that appreciators were attackers on Christmas Day and burned Westminster Abbey. Merry Christmas, Horrible Histories style! Viewers tuning in will discover that William the Conqueror was crowned on Christmas Day 1066, but when the congregation cheered his soldiers thought it was a riot and burned down Westminster Abbey.Other tales include that of King Henry II's famous medieval jester, Roland the Farter, the man whose sole job was to break wind on Christmas Day. The show also explores some weird Victorian Christmas cards which could include anything from a slice of bacon to a dead mouse.[10]Eras/Civilistions and Sketches featured:Measly Middle Ages:Roland the Farter, the true meaning of the Silent Night carol, Scary Stories: The Night Before Childermass (A Poem) and HHTV News: Willim the Conquerer's Christmas Crowning RiotSmashing Saxons: Presents of Poo (from Series 1) and the truth of the Good King Wenceslas carolTerrible Tudors: Mr. Tudor's Exceedingly nice Mince Pies, Historical Masterchef and Elizabeth I's ChristmasSlimy Stuarts: Oliver Cromwell's Forbidden Christmas (from Series 2), We wish you a merry Christmas carol and A Christmas Message from King Charles II 1666

Vile Victorians: Victorian Prison Christmas, the truth of the O Christmas Tree carol and Victorian Weird Cards Frightful First World War: HHTV Sport: Christmas Day 1914


In 2009, Horrible Histories received an RTS nomination for best Children's Programme. It was also nominated for Europe's most prestigious children's award, the Prix Jeunesse. Executive Producer Richard Bradley said, "After one series, Horrible Histories' unique blend of historical fact and gory, grisly, bloody comedy has clearly made its mark with children and a surprising number of adults. We look forward to laughing ourselves even smarter with series two and three." The series was also nominated for two Baftas at the 2009 EA British Academy Children's Awards. The nominations were in the categories of Best Writing and Best Factual programme. The nominees were Caroline Norris, Chloe Thomas, Steve Connelly, Giles Pilbrow, Ben Ward and Laurence Rickard. Executive Producer Richard Bradley said "We are thrilled that Lion's first venture into children's television has been acclaimed in this way. It's a tribute to all the efforts of an incredibly talented team in creating such a fresh, innovative and ambitious show." [11] In 2010, the TV series was nominated for, and later won 3 BAFTA awards: Best Children's Comedy, Best Writer (the writing team), and Best Performer. (Jim Howick)[7] [8][9] Horrible Histories won a 2011 Broadcast Award in the category of Best Children’s Programme. [10]

The programme was also the suprise winner of the sketch show category of The British Comedy Awards, 2010.[11]


In the week before 15 June 2009, the show topped the children’s TV viewing figures with 191,000 viewers. [12] The Daily Telegraph commented on its success: "The show...proved a huge hit, with nearly 50 per cent of six to 12 year-olds in the UK tuning in to watch an episode" [13]

DVD releaseEdit

The Season 1 Region 2 DVD was released on May 10 2010. [12] A region 4 2-disc DVD box set of the series has also been released. [14]

Critical responseEdit

Alice-Azania Jarvis of The Independent praised the first episode of the series, writing that, although she did not enjoy the Terry Deary book series, she loved the first episode for being "everything that Blue Peter isn't: fun, filthy and genuinely engaging in a peer-to-peer way."[13] The British Comedy Guide gave the first series a positive review, stating: "This show is great! A talented cast and writing team have made this a comedy highlight for us."[14] Mike Ward of the Daily Star commented: "Kids can learn to love history just so long as it's told to them in a way that brings it to life. And this new series [...] does precisely that".[15] Harry Venning of The Stage wrote: "Horrible Histories scours the past for interesting, bizarre, unpleasant and unpalatable facts and uses them as the basis for some seriously funny, beautifully performed and endlessly inventive sketches."[16] Naomi West of The Daily Telegraph described the series as "boundary-pushing" and a "comic gem", writing that the first series "delivered more laughs than most post-watershed comedies".[17] Tom Stucliffe, also of The Independent commented that: "As a grown-up you might quibble with the fact that they don't always distinguish between things that genuinely are true and the things that people would like to be (sadly, there's no hard evidence that Aeschylus was brained by a tortoise dropped by an overflying eagle). But grown-ups and children should enjoy the gleefully anachronistic way in which information is conveyed".[18]

RADIO TIMES ‘Three cheers for the return of this factual but funny series. History hasn’t been this much fun since the last series finished’

THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY ‘Educational Silliness’

THE MAIL ON SUNDAY ‘This is superior edutainment’

SUNDAY EXPRESS ‘There’s nothing kids like quite so much as violence and horror which is why Horrible Histories has been such a success’

TELEGRAPH a boundary-pushing sketch show … more laughs than most post-watershed comedies …a comic gem.

RADIO TIMES One of the best shows anywhere

TV TIMES Slapstick gags and hilarious pastiches disguising useful educational content … our favourite take on British history … We wish history had been taught like this in our day!

THE SUNDAY TIMES An attention grabbing mix of the wilder parts of history … The best bit? And accident prone Home Guard. With just three characters, it summarises both an institution and Dad’s Army in a single sketch.

THE TIMES “I’m not as good an actor as I am a writer” (Terry Deary) [15]

The British Comedy Guide gave a positive review, saying: "This show is great! A talented cast and writing team have made this a comedy highlight for us. In fact, it has become quite a hit with those outside its target audience. Why? Well, much like Sorry, I've Got No Head, the material doesn't patronise but instead treats the children watching as the intelligent people they are. The musical numbers are the real highlight - make sure you check them out![16]



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